So, if you’re looking to get started with daily fantasy sports, I have one word for you: DraftKings! I’ve played many different sites but I spend most of my time on DraftKings for many reasons. Here are some of the top reasons DraftKings is… well, the King!

Free Contests!

This is by far the biggest reason I play almost solely on DraftKings. I’m still learning the strategies so I don’t want to pay a bunch to enter contests and lose all my money. Plus I get to play every kind of fantasy sport… for free! DraftKings has multiple free contests on a daily basis. Some sports even have multiple contests every day. And even though the free contests are really difficult to win, you get real prizes if you do. In fact, I haven’t deposited a dime of my own money in my DraftKings account but I currently have a balance of $9 because I’ve placed high enough in free contests. So if you’re looking to figure out the basics without a big investment, DraftKings is the place to start.

One of the Largest DFS Sites

You don’t have to worry about the company going bankrupt and not paying out your winnings. And they are only growing. In fact, there is talk of a merger between DraftKings and the other huge daily fantasy sight, Fanduel.

Fun Promotions

There is constantly a long list of promotions to take advantage of including bonus rewards, unique contests, and even free entry into some big money contests.

Nice App

You can download the DraftKings app for free. It isn’t perfect but it makes it easy to keep track of how your lineups are doing.

Free Gifts

You can earn Frequent Player Points for every paid contest you enter. These can be redeemed in the “shop” for tickets which give you free entry into contests that you normally have to pay for. There is also a monthly rewards program based on how many Frequent Player Points you earn. And if you keep your eyes on the DraftKings Facebook page, they give out DK dollars on most Fridays and some other random days. And there is always some kind of reward for making a deposit. Usually free contest entries.

Go check out DraftKings now!