Happy Anniversary DraftKings!

DraftKings has been in business for 5 years! They are celebrating all week with free entries, amazing experiences, and special contests.

DraftKings 5 Year Anniversary Celebration

Upcoming Contests

Monday, 4/24

Free $5K MLB Contest | $1 Everybody Wins | Cubs Experience

Tuesday, 4/25

Free $5K MLB Contest | $5 Double Bubble Contest | Red Sox Experience

Wednesday, 4/26

Free $5K MLB Contest | $5 Silver Status Contest | Marlins Experience

Thursday, 4/27

Free $5K MLB Contest | T-Shirt Giveaway | Mets Experience

Friday, 4/28

Free $5K MLB Contest Against Your Class

To take part in these contests you need to sign up for a free account, no credit card required. Use this link to sign up and get $10 in free entries if you make a deposit.

For more details and to get links to contests each day, see: https://www.draftkings.com/lp/five-year

Good luck!


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