The Masters - DraftKings $100,000 Free Contest

Yes, you read that right. DraftKings is giving away $100K in a free contest! Yes, you can try it for completely free. Yes, you can sign up for a DraftKings account if you haven’t already – no credit card required. And yes, you can win real money!

The Masters

The Masters Tournament is the first of the 4 majors each year on the PGA tour. It takes place at the Augusta National Golf Club and this year it starts on April 6th.

The Contest

All you have to do is pick a lineup of 6 golfers that are participating in the Masters golf tournament. Your golfers will earn points for playing well and if you have enough points at the end of the tournament, you could take home a prize. You only have to be ranked in the top 21,390 places!

Your lineup of 6 golfers must be submitted by April 6, 5AM EST.

Check back here in the next few days to find a collection of free articles with analysis and predictions for this contest.


1st $1,000.00
2nd $800.00
3rd $600.00
4th – 5th $500.00
6th – 7th $400.00
8th – 10th $300.00
11th – 15th $200.00
16th – 25th $100.00
26th – 45th $80.00
46th – 65th $60.00
66th – 115th $50.00
116th – 190th $40.00
191st – 290th $30.00
291st – 540th $25.00
541st – 1040th $20.00
1041st – 2040th $15.00
2041st – 3040th $10.00
3041st – 6040th $5.00
6041st – 11040th $3.00
11041st – 21390th $1.00

Sign up for an account here and we both get $10.

Find the contest and create your lineup here.


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