Free to Enter!

DraftKings is offering a free entry to Sunday’s NASCAR contest with $10,000 in prizes. Pick your team of 6 drivers to see if you can take home some cash.

NASCAR $10K Free Contest

Your lineup must be entered by Sunday, March 26  at 3:30pm EST.

Enter the contest here. Sign up for a DraftKings account here. Learn more about Daily Fantasy Sports here.


1st $100.00
2nd $80.00
3rd $60.00
4th – 5th $50.00
6th – 7th $40.00
8th – 10th $30.00
11th – 20th $25.00
21st – 40th $20.00
41st – 90th $15.00
91st – 190th $10.00
191st – 390th $5.00
391st – 1390th $3.00
1391st – 4480th $1.00

Good luck!


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