Are you curious about Daily Fantasy Sports? Do you love traditional, season-long fantasy sports? Are you low on funds or just plain cheap like me?

Free Daily Fantasy Sports

Don’t worry, you can play Daily Fantasy Sports for free! That’s right, you don’t have to spend a dime and still participate in every fantasy sport available on a daily basis. Here is a quick guide to get you started.

Sign Up for an Account

My favorite site to use is DraftKings. Sign up for DraftKings here. (Read why. Basically, they have the best free games.) Click the green button, fill out the form with your information and it will take you to the Deposit page.

DraftKings deposit page

Feel free to make a deposit. There is always some kind of incentive. If you use my link and make a deposit we both get a free entry into a paid event. But you’re probably here to play for free! So click on the DraftKings logo at the top left of the page.


It will ask you if you want to leave the page even though you haven’t made a deposit. Click “YES” and it should take you back to the lobby.

DraftKings - leave deposit page

If you don’t make a deposit you will be taken to the deposit page every time you enter a free contest. Just click the logo and “YES” button again to get back to the lobby.

Find Free Contests

Once you are at the lobby you will see all the featured contests. These are the standard tournament contests from every sport.

DraftKings Lobby

To find the free contests, click “Entry Fee” at the top of the table. This should bring all the free contests ($0 entry fee) to the top.

Free DraftKings contests

If the largest entry fees are at the top, click “Entry Fee” again and it will reverse the order so the free contests are at the top.

Now you can see the free contests that award prizes in every sport. Click the contest name to learn more about the contest. Click the “ENTER” button to the right to start building a lineup. I’m pretty sure all free contests allow only one entry per person.

You can also click the “Free Contest Arcade” image at the top left of the lobby to find the free contests on a special page. I like to see them in the lobby because it shows how many entries there are already.

Find More Free Contests

If you prefer one sport over all the others or want to try more than one lineup you can usually find additional free contests by clicking on the name of the sport at the top of the page, just under the main navigation menu.

This will take you to all the contests for that specific sport. If you click on “Entry Fee” again it will bring the free contests to the top. You will probably see additional contests that weren’t listed in the main lobby.

DraftKings NBA lobby - Free Contests

Most of these free contests don’t offer any kind of prize. Just a chance to try some different strategies and compete against other players. You can even create your own contest or league for free.

Free Rolls and Promotions

If you keep your eyes peeled, you can also find free contests in other places that aren’t listed in the lobbies at DraftKings. For example, Rotogrinders, a fantasy sports news and info site, offers contests for members of the site. Even free members can get into contests with real prizes sometimes.

There are also sponsored contests on DraftKings. These are usually listed in the main lobby, as well as other places on the site. A recent movie let you enter a free contest every day for 10 days if you watched the trailer. The prize payout was larger than the normal free contests and then there was a championship contest at the end.

Earn Free Entries

DraftKings offers tickets which are basically a free entry into a paid or ticket-only contest. You can earn tickets in a number of ways. Sometimes they give out tickets for playing in a sponsor’s contest. As you play paid contests you earn reward points that can be redeemed for tickets. You can also get tickets for referring people to DraftKings. You won’t find tickets every day but it’s always fun when you can get one.

DraftKings also gives away DK dollars on their Facebook page. Usually on Fridays and sometimes on other random days. You just have to leave a comment with your user name and hope you get picked.

Have Fun

So, as you can see, it’s pretty easy to play Daily Fantasy Sports for free. But just a few words of caution:

If you have issues with gambling addiction, be safe and find another activity. It is really easy to deposit money and it may be a slippery slope even if you are playing for free.

DraftKings is banned in some states due to local laws. You may notice the site or app is checking your location now and then. They have to make sure you aren’t playing in a state that is banned or I’m sure there are penalties for the company.

You aren’t going to win many of the free contests. Take a look at how many people enter those free contests. We’re talking thousands. Even 5 or 6 figures for some contests. Then take a look at how many people actually place high enough to get paid. Usually 22 or 82. That is not much of a chance at all so don’t get discouraged if you don’t win anything. The good thing about paid contests is that you have much better odds to win a prize, usually around a 20% chance.

Good luck!


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