Why I play Daily Fantasy Sports

Problem Solving and Strategy

I think the biggest draw for me is the strategy aspect to Daily Fantasy Sports. Crafting a good lineup is a little like designing something or putting together a puzzle. You have to have all the right pieces and get them to fit together just under the salary cap. Since I’m mostly just having fun, I make my choices on bits of news, a stat that jumps out, or a favorable matchup. And yes, I loved playing strategy games and city building games and sports simulation games. I played Madden and NCAA football just for the Dynasty mode.

Stats and Numbers

colorful graphI’m nearly the complete opposite of a math expert. But I still like doing a little amateur research and try to find some kind of pattern or tip to help me choose the perfect lineup. Especially if there are colorful graphs and charts involved. Which there are.


Who doesn’t like a good competition? Especially if you can play against your friends and talk trash and play for bragging rights. I get more of a thrill from knowing that one of my lineups was better than 99% of the other lineups in the contest than I do if I somehow manage to win a dollar or two.


I guess all of these other reasons combine to make Daily Fantasy Sports entertaining for me. Some people go watch movies, some people scroll through their social media accounts, some people do drugs. I enjoy having a little time to sit down and make a few lineups and then see how they do. It gives me a little time to unwind after work. Unless I forget to make a lineup until two minutes before lock and I frantically throw a terrible lineup into the free contest…

The Chance to Win Money

cash moneyMost of the contests I play are free. Some of these free contests have real prizes. But even the entries I “pay for” are low stakes. I’m not going to make a living off of this. But the minuscule chance of winning a prize does make everything more interesting. In fact, probably too interesting. The few times I’ve put some lineups into the quarter games I nervously paced the floor and sweated through shirts the entire day. All for a handful of quarters.

Of course, the money seems to be the problem for some people. Gambling addiction is real. If you have issues with gambling or you are morally opposed to contests that involve money, you may want to find a different activity to occupy your time.

More Interest in the Real Life Games

You probably have teams that you love. You most likely have at least a couple teams that you hate. But what about a game between two teams that you couldn’t care less about? If we’re talking football and I have nothing else to do I’ll still watch. But if I have a player or two from each team in one of my lineups, that game becomes must-see TV. I’ll even check the scores on some NBA games to see how my lineup is doing even though I haven’t watched a regular season game in years.

There’s Always Something New

Daily Fantasy Sports is constantly changing even though there is already a lot to explore. Sports go in and out of season. Professional players get hot and cold. New tools and resources sprout up. Even legislation ruling over the industry is constantly debated. If I get tired of one sport I can focus on another. Maybe the NBA has an All Star break… I can study up on hockey. Or look up all the soccer leagues… Who knew there were so many different soccer leagues?! In short, I think there is good replay value that keeps me coming back.

So there you have it. 7 reasons for playing Daily Fantasy Sports. Listed pretty much in order of importance from most to least.

So if you want to give this Daily Fantasy Sports thing a try, I recommend that you sign up at DraftKings. You’ll get a free entry if you make a deposit and I’ll get a free entry if you use my link. Look me up (fuzzy247) and we can try a free head to head.


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